I pray that God gets the glory from this post and it touches anyone that is struggling with an “impossible” in their life.

Those of you who know me best or the longest, know that Beau and I have been engaged since the first day we met. At the end of my freshman year in high school, I walked into a friend’s house one afternoon and met this handsome senior boy. After a few minutes of talking, he asked me to marry him. I immediately said “sure” and there our journey began. 


It’s a sweet start to a long and challenging story. Three kids and many years later we were in a marriage filled with the worst of the worst. Selfishness, pride, adultery, separation, anger, bitterness, unforgiveness, and looking for anything this world had to offer to satisfy and fulfill our needs. None of which ever did. 4+ years ago, I told Beau I was ready to get divorced. After all, we were more like roommates than husband and wife. Somehow The Lord at that very time used that news to draw Beau to Himself, he was saved and he immediately tried to reconcile.

But my heart was hardened and completely shut off from him. I was so prideful and determined that going back to him meant being miserable and having to “fake” being happy for the sake of my kids. I didn’t believe he had changed and certainly didn’t believe our relationship was of God.

Beau Burnham has loved me unconditionally the whole time and held on to the promise that one day The Lord would bring us back together regardless of my rejection. He has not been perfect but obedient and faithful to God. Jesus has the power to change lives my friends!

I have gone my own way and been selfish and disobedient. I’ve seen over and over what The Lord’s will for my life was and I openly ran from it. I wanted Him to bless my plan instead of following His directions. But I constantly felt shut off from God. Like a wall I couldn’t break thru. It is a miserable and helpless feeling. Finally, after a long and pointless battle, I found myself at the point of surrender. Not to Beau, but to the One true God. My Creator and my Comforter, my Redeemer and Healer. And let me just say, surrender is sweet! Obedience sounds like no fun at all but it’s freeing and exhilarating. It takes all the stress out of walking your own way. It is simply beautiful.

So after a month or so of not talking to or seeing Beau, he facetimed the kids on his way back from a mission trip to India(yea the boy has changed a little 😉). I popped my face in the screen to annoy him but to my surprise, it didn’t work. We ended up talking for over an hour just us. His face was different somehow. After years of looking at him and only seeing all the pain of the past, I saw a beautiful man of God. My heart was flooded with love and respect and gratitude for him and all he had done to love me in my rejection. He is everything I could ever ask for or dream of as a partner and father to my kids. Needless to say, The Lord has restored and redeemed us! He has taken what was broken and dead and brought healing and life! We are living a miracle!

Only God could have changed my heart. In fact only 2 weeks before I told a pastor that God would have to use a crow bar to open my heart towards Beau again.(FYI DONT CHALLENGE THE ALMIGHTY ONE) Only Jesus can save us.

I am sitting here in awe of how fast the Lord works and how amazing His healing time is! All those things I worried about, faking being happy, fears of being hurt again, ect.. Are not even a thought in my mind. I KNOW My Heavenly Father has this! He is showering us with blessing and blowing us away daily.

Our prayer is that couples everywhere are renewed by this miracle, restored in their brokenness and hold on to faith when all seems lost! There is always HOPE! No one thought our union was more impossible than me but here I am, crazy in love and totally smitten with this boy next to me. The same boy that stole my heart in High school and will hold my hand in our last days.

Jesus saves and changes lives. He has all the power over whatever situation you are in. Don’t lose hope. Look to Him and walk in His ways. Trust me His are far better, I learned the hard way. I hope you don’t have to 😊 This has changed the lives of my children as well. They will forever believe in the power of prayer. They have prayed for this for as long as they can remember and The Lord was faithful to answer. Every time I kiss their daddy they light up brighter than Christmas morning! It is the best feeling in the world to have my family whole. Never to be apart again.
Thank you for taking time to read this.

Thank you to all the countless friends and family that have prayed for us and walked with us every day. We love you all and are forever grateful! All Glory to God forever and ever amen!!!!

P.S. We are happy to say we are engaged again! And Our Heavenly Father is at the center of it all! Please join us in praying for His perfect timing to be revealed and also that His name is made GREAT thru this.–Rachel