I want to talk about a very real spirit that is wreaking havoc within the lives of Christians and how they are working WITH this spirit without even realizing it. And because they don’t realize they are being duped and used to vilify their spouse, or others, it’s very hard to get those that are under the influence to see this about themselves. But praise God, it only takes a moment for a person to look within, humble themselves, and ask God, “is this what is going on with me?” for the deliverance and the start of removing and closing the door to this spirit forever!

First, let’s talk about what this spirit does. 

The spirit interferes with messages that are being delivered through gates (eyes, ears, heart, mind). These messages are being delivered to your gates through songs, written messages that you read, verbal messages that you hear, and messages that come to your mind/heart/thoughts. They also come to you when you see actions/behaviors from someone, and you get messages/assumptions/beliefs about their motives, about why they have chosen those particular actions.

This spirit intercepts these messages and alters them, so when you finally get the message, it’s NOTHING like how it was sent out.

The best example of this is the childhood game we learned in school called “telephone.” A message was whispered by the originator (Teacher) to a child. That child then whispered to another child and so on until that last child heard it and got to speak what they heard. I remember laughing at the difference. It was a game and funny. But when it’s truth and someone is sharing a message about YOU, and it’s so far from the truth it’s NOT funny at all. In fact, it’s dangerous. 

When that happens, the person who has had their gates hijacked has options and choices at that point. And here is why this spirit is so dangerous.


When the hijacking occurs, and you hear a message that makes you think, “Hmmm, this is not good. This is really wrong and needs to be addressed.”

You need to weigh it with what you know about the person. Does this line up with who this person is? Does it fit their character? Align with what they stand for and believe? Is what I am hearing from that person being confirmed by others, or am I the only one getting this message? Are they missing it or am I the one that is being deceived?

If you don’t take the time to analyze this and simply walk away and embrace your newfound assumption and opinion of that person, then the damage is done. That person is now not trustworthy, and the enemy has won, preventing you from benefitting from the message. 

A lot of times, we are duped because we honestly believe in the feeling that came from the hijacked message. And that hijacked message offers something else. Protection from more hurt. It’s better to believe someone is evil, than believe a truth that brings more rejection and pain. Believing that a spouse is not capable of love instead of toying with the idea they never loved you. The spirit ensures a person by taking advantage of their wounds, fears, unhealed hurts, and painful trauma. 

It can get even worse. The saying “Hurting people hurt people” is very true in this situation.

After you have been duped into believing a false narrative about someone, if you choose then share that narrative with others, you have been used by the enemy to spread false lies, slander, gossip, and defamation. If you post a comment for many to see, then the work of the enemy is multiplied greater!

The enemy comes and temps us with this kind of assassination. Some people see it right away and do the right thing and RESIST and the enemy will flee. Knowing those people are not going to fall for it. But others don’t resist. They open that door, embrace the twisted message and become snared, and then they become USED by the enemy to be an influencer.

Pride will be strong in those who have allowed this spirit to become a part of their life. They will become very defensive and work to protect their “victim” status while they are being used to slander and destroy someone else..

The spirit slander/blaspheme in the Word of God. It’s not just gossip, but a type of gossip that is meant to destroy a person’s character through defamation.  

Let’s look at the words used.

987. Blasphémeó: to vilify. I speak evil against, blaspheme, use abusive or scurrilous language about (God or men). refusing to acknowledge good (worthy of respect, veneration); hence, to blaspheme which reverses moral values. From the word 5345. phémé a report, rumor

In the same way, the women must be dignified, not slanderers, but temperate and faithful in all things.1 Timothy 3:11

 Older women, likewise, are to be reverent in their behavior, not slanderers or addicted to much wine, but teachers of good. Titus 2:3

  1. diabolos-slanderer; a false accuser; unjustly criticizing to hurt (malign) and condemn to sever a relationship. 1228 (diábolos) is the root of the English word, “Devil”

How can you check and see if you might be a target of the enemy and even opened the door to becoming snared?

When you hear a message, see behavior, and are prone to see something others are not seeing, are quick to jump to the negative, find it hard to see the positive, or are often accused of misunderstanding the message. Having to reread, listen again and again, and fight the confusion. If you are always defending yourself and getting misunderstood. Go back and read what you write. Are you always speaking things about people, your spouse that exposes and shares about their character? Their morals? Are you painting a bad picture of them every chance you get?

If you read or hear a message, it doesn’t make sense, and you are hearing something that others are not. Are you taking that message and weighing it against the person’s character and seeing that it doesn’t align? Are you than saying, “maybe it’s me? Maybe I am the one that is getting the message twisted?”

I have seen couples snared by the same exact spirit. Each one can easily see this about the other spouse, but are unable to see their own snare. Usually, you are aware of this spirit operating against you to defame and vilify you but unaware of how it then uses YOU to do the exact same thing, so you must self-examine and look at what is coming out of your gates toward your spouse.

God CAN set you free from interference and close that door. It starts with confession, understanding how and why it’s a dangerous door to open, and a  heart that wants to shut it and is sorry for the damage that it helped bring. Humility will go a long way here and help keep you from reopening that door when you struggle with how to handle new hurts that arise, especially when your go-to method was by slandering to make you feel better and protect your heart. 

Standing with you,
Sheila Hollinger

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