Only God can restore that which is broken. I battled with my wife to see things my way. The more I fought to change her narrative the worse things got. She was hurt by my infidelity and didn’t see us getting back together.

Finally, after much prayer and supplication, I submitted my marriage over to God to do a greater work. (I battled with that as well) My wife had started seeing other people and so did I. I figured that’s what I wanted but as I began to experience those people God showed me in a dream after praying for my wife and reconciling. This time it was without any fight or prodding on my part just with ease.

I began to ask God, let me see what I see in the spiritual REALM manifest its self in the NATURAL.

Well fast forward to TODAY and my wife and I have been back together for 3 weeks. I literally walked back into our home without a fight. She came back to me with ease.

What I learned from all this and I encourage you as well is to submit your marriage over to God and continually pray for your SPOUSE.

God covers us and he charges us as being in Covenant to cover them when they can’t cover themselves. Forget what they are doing and I guarantee if you say these simple Words and commit to them, “Lord, let Thy will be done and not my will be done.”

You will begin to see a Change in your SPOUSE!!