My husband and I met and started dating when I was 13 and he was 14. Due to parental issues, he ended up moving in with me and my parents when I was 16. Not long after that, he proposed and by the time we were 18 we were married. At 20, we had a set of twins. Fast forward 6 years. In August of last year, my husband told me that he had been cheating with random people for 4 years.

I didn’t take it well. Over the course of the next year, our marriage just fell apart. I turned to drinking and became an alcoholic. I became a cold-hearted whore, to be honest. He tried to fix things but continued to cheat. He really did try though.. And I just didn’t care. Well on July 28th of this year I blew up and kicked him out. Said a bunch of hateful things that I don’t even remember because I was drunk. Well, he had been talking to a woman that lived 4hrs away that he had never met and that night was the night that he left to be with her. The next day I drank. All day. Passed out and woke up in haze coming very close to committing suicide. I had pushed my husband to another woman and it killed me. But God.

The next day I immediately gave my life back to God. My h wanted nothing to do with me. So I went to my old pastors (the pastor that married us, from the church we went to as kids) wife and she guided me to get started. I built myself a prayer room and dove into the bible.  At first, it was really difficult to “let go and let God”. But once I truly gave it to God.. I felt free. I quit drinking and focused on God and my kids and left my h to God. I prayed scriptures with my h name in them every day. God spoke to my husband and convicted him. He still didn’t want to be with us but he started seeing signs. The Hosea prayer that I had been praying over my husband had literally started taking place.

Throughout all of this, he was working out of town and had no choice but to stay with me on the weekends. We ended up sleeping together and the ow found out. Then I slipped up and ended up getting drunk with the wrong person. I fell asleep in his bed and he got in bed with me… My husband came home that night(August 25) and found out where I was at. He came and caught us asleep together and things were not pretty. I immediately felt terrible for what I had done. But in reality, I guess he needed to see me like that. The next day is when he officially came home. The day after that he went to church with us and asked me to pray with him. He has repented and turned completely back to God. Which I am so absolutely grateful for because we had 2 false starts beforehand because he had never repented and had a heart change.

God is so amazing. He saved me! He saved my husband! He saved my marriage! And we can both honestly say we are thankful for this storm. We have always been believers but our faith had faltered. And satan had taken hold. No more though! This is our story and it all goes to God. Hopefully, this will give some of y’all some hope.



Lord, I worship and praise You that You do speak now one way or another though [spouses name] may not perceive it. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls on him/her as he/she slumbers in bed, You may speak in his/her ears and terrify him/her with warnings, to turn him/her from wrongdoing and keep him/her from Pride, to preserve his/her soul from the pit, his/her life from perishing by the sword, I thank You that [spouses name] can pray to You and find favor with You, [spouses name] sees Your face and shouts for joy; [spouses name] is restored by You to his righteous state. In Jesus name I pray Amen Job 33:14-18,26