I pray God restores your faith, and hope and brings increased encouragement and strength to those places where you are not aware of that are creating small holes and gaps. These little places are areas that create cracks in your belief and where you lost hope, lose faith, lose strength. I pray healing over those cracks that allow lies to seep through and into your belief system. These LITTLE lies, can build up over time and intermingle and attack God’s voice that is coming through as you pray, as you turn to His Word.

I speak healing over your belief, over your mind, heart. I pray God comes in and evicts all those lies that have seeped in to contaminate what you are believing for, and robbing you of your peace and hope. I pray God’s voice comes through clear and loud and drives out all fear with His perfect love that comes without torment, without punishment.

I speak the name of Jesus over You, over every area of your life that you are worried about, in fear. I speak the name of Jesus over you in areas where you are confused, unclear of His will or direction of your life. I speak the name of Jesus over those areas where you are in unbelief and feeling the burden of impossibles. I speak the name of Jesus over you in every area where you need a miracle, healing, a connection of supernatural faith to the Source of living HOPE! I pray the name of Jesus into every area of your spouse’s life that is stubborn, struggling, and unwilling to change. I speak the name of Jesus over their souls, their hearts, their minds. I speak the blood of Jesus into those places that need His healing, His love, His Word. I speak Jesus over their hearts that are heard and rebelling against Him because they don’t understand Him and are not willing to learn.

I speak HIM OVER and through those that are lawless and cold in love. In JESUS NAME!!

Standing with you,
Sheila Hollinger


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(~Marriage Revealed Ministries Inc. is committed to helping bring healing and restoration to couples who are struggling in their marriage. We do this through the revelation of Who God is and His heart and design for marriage which never intends abuse in any form. If you suspect abuse in your relationship, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 or visit them online at thehotline.org~