Do you struggle between hopeful and hopelessness? 


What or who your hope rest upon, convinces you what to have belief, faith, confidence, and trust in.

For example, if your hope is tied to whether or not your spouse contacts you a certain way, then your hopelessness is also tied to your spouse’s actions. Since your hope rests upon the actions of another, it will make you forget what God says, forget Who God is. Because that is irrelevant, your hope isn’t tied to God, it’s tied to your spouse. 

You’re only believing what you’re seeing, feeling, and what’s logical. Your faith, hope, and belief is not only contingent on the actions or words of your spouse but HOW you then understand and interpret their actions. Leaning on your understanding.

When your hope rests upon sight, you have NO need for faith.  There is no necessity to walk by faith – or choose to believe God. 

Your spouse controls you, you control you. You chose what you will believe in, have faith in, trust and adhere to. And you have chosen what you will see, feel, think and perceive, ALL because you have chosen your spouse as your source of hope. This right here is what God is trying to break us out of!

He is trying to get us to use real faith. Choose belief in Him. Trust Him. We all underestimate the power of hope, how important it is that our hope rests upon the LIVING HOPE!

What is the source of your pain and despair? That is an indication of who has the power over you and why.

Did you make something an idol?

When your husband came and got the rest of his belongings did it cripple you? When he married the other person did you decide to quit standing? Did you have more faith in people than in your Creator and what He told you?

Did all the power that comes with hope, joy, trust, all come from what your spouse said and did and not from you being grounded in God?

Idols need to fall so God can be the ONLY God in your life.

No one should have power and dominion over you to where you believe in them and what they think MORE than you believe in God’s will and purpose for your life.❤

but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40:31

How do idols fall and make way for God?

My husband was a solid idol in my life and no amount of knowing this, confessing and begging God would remove it. He had to fall in my sight, my heart and my understanding of man.

The idol was removed through the hurt, pain and despair my husband caused. Each time he hurt me; he fell. Each time he disappointed me; he fell. I had a lot of pride that my husband was too good to hurt me. And I blamed the enemy. I also blamed the enemy because it was too painful to admit that my husband was actually choosing someone else over me.

Put no more trust in man, who has only the breath in his nostrils. Of what account is he? Isaiah 2:22

NOW that God had my full attention, I could see Him the way I needed to. I was no longer blinded or distracted through a false idol.  No longer was I limited to what and Who God should and could be!

Each time I saw how trustworthy God was, HE climbed higher.  When I felt safe with God, HE was elevated. When I had no more trust left in my husband, God proved HE could be faithful and trustworthy. God won my heart, but only after exposing my husband and helping me see, no man is 100% safe. People can’t be perfect. They have no place on God’s throne. Once I understood this about God, it was easy for me to see Him as the source of hope.

We can’t really lay idols down, we have to lose faith in them. We have to not believe in them and have hope in them. We have to endure the painful process of having our idol exposed. Facing the pain and hurt, rejection and abandonment, so we can fully see and understand God’s faithfulness, honesty, and love.

When you suffer such rejection, knowing He is faithful to you and will never reject you becomes very meaningful. He wins your heart through someone else breaking it.

When my spirit was troubled, you knew my path; in the way of my steps they have hidden snares for me. I looked to the right and I saw there was none to advise me; a place of refuge was lost to me and there was no avenger for my soul. I cried to you, Lord Jehovah, and I have said:” You are my hope and my portion in the land of life. Give ear to my request because I have been very humbled; save me from my persecutors, because they are stronger than I. Bring my soul out from prison, for I shall praise your Name and your righteous ones will wait for me when you reward me.”  Psalm 142: 3-7 Aramaic Bible in Plain English

Standing with you,
Sheila Hollinger