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REVEALED Standing for Marriage Restoration

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riding donkey

Permission to Sin? God is Ok with Adultery?

"My spouse SWEARS God told them they can do what they are doing!" We know God won't go against His Word, but guess's IN His Word,...
spider web snare

The Snare is Not What You Think!-Marriage Restoration

Throughout the Word of God, you will see the words trap, pit, snare. It's NOT a person, adultery, lust, love. It's not what you think. Who? What?...
aprudent wife

The Prudent Wife!-Helpmeet-Respectful Wife-Marriage Restoration

For the first 19 years of marriage, before our storm started, I lived without concern or caution when it came to communication with my husband. I...
The Lost

The Lost~ Marriage Restoration

Jeremiah 9:5 they wear themselves out with all their sinning. 6 They pile lie upon lie and utterly refuse to acknowledge Me,” says the LORD. 7...
lost wife

Understanding the Lost Wife-Marriage Restoration

I have been praying for more insight and understanding about lost wives. The revelation came through a phone conversation from the husband, new to...

Where Does Standing Come From?

"I haven't heard God call me to Stand, so I am confused if this is what God wants me to do." In order for you to understand what you are being...
scared man

“I Made My Husband Afraid of Me.”

I came from a childhood where I was controlled and bullied. Instead of that breaking my spirit and making me submissive, it made me strong in my...
happiness is not proof

Happiness is Not Proof!-Marriage Restoration

One of the reasons that we snoop and look is because we are seeking evidence to prove something. Looking to see if they really are as happy as they...
Blueprint of a man's mind

The Blueprint of a Man

I pray God touches your heart through the Scriptures and paints this beautiful picture for you the way He showed it to me during the very first year...
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Resentment-Marriage Restoration

Resentment is an emotion that many of our spouses in crisis go through. Resentment is unresolved bitterness over believing you have been treated...