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REVEALED Standing for Marriage Restoration

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The Ugly Portrait-Marriage Restoration

Why does our spouse NEED to paint an ugly picture of us to family and friends? It’s actually quite simple; they must find justification for the sins...
happiness is not proof

Happiness is Not Proof!-Marriage Restoration

One of the reasons that we snoop and look is because we are seeking evidence to prove something. Looking to see if they really are as happy as they...
afraid to come home

Afraid to Come Home?-Marriage Restoration

Has your spouse expressed they are afraid it won't work if they come home? They love you, but they feel you are better off without them? The intense...
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Disarming the Enemy

Many times, when a lost beloved wants to enter into the sin that is calling out to them. "Come, taste, enjoy. You deserve it!" they will have to...

Established in the Garden-Marriage Restoration

When God formed Adam from the dust and placed him in the garden, there was a time of establishment before He brought Eve into His life. Read Genesis...
adultery prodigal divorce

Is Your Spouse Envious?-Marriage Restoration

 Envy is the desire of wanting something that is not intended for you. When we are unclear of our identity, our God-given purpose, and His will for...
lost wife

Understanding the Lost Wife-Marriage Restoration

I have been praying for more insight and understanding about lost wives. The revelation came through a phone conversation from the husband, new to...

When are They No Longer LOST?

We all understand and agree our spouse are LOST. But what escapes many is the understanding when that  no longer applies to them. When is a lost...
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Shame and Condemnation

 Shame and condemnation are two powerful and extremely controlling and manipulating situations that not only our lost beloved's face but Standers as...

Where Does Standing Come From?

"I haven't heard God call me to Stand, so I am confused if this is what God wants me to do." In order for you to understand what you are being...