She reached a point where all the world’s logic was exhausted.

The place where embracement of years from now maybe, or even never was ok.

The place where Jesus alone was the restoration the Father desired for her and her heart position in this revelation was seen by Him as Truth.

He could now and only now freely release all the blessings of the promises shown to her in her faithful stand.

All the promises she had to learn to not covet (but faithfully give back) to Him in complete surrender.

It was not a religious act of a mere principle being tried to manipulate the Father’s goodness to activate in her life.

It was a heart position of complete abandonment of every promise shown in full faith and trust that He alone is Good to His Word.

It was way more than routinely giving me back to Him again and again. It was way deeper than such an easy sacrifice in hindsight of the years past.

No it was giving back the one thing she loved even more than me and restoration of our marriage itself.

It was releasing back the Promise of it!

Don’t misunderstand, releasing them back to the Father is not giving up on them. It’s just simply the act of surrender necessary for placing them in the actual hands capable to actually fulfill them, unlike your own.

Keep in mind the one who gives a promise is the one responsible for keeping it. I know the hard part is within the expectation built into it. But the promises we know to be true because they are in the Bible we say we fully believe, are not promises made by a man.

Food for thought… We should actually probably call them (The promises) instead of (Our promises) because if we were being honest wouldn’t they all be (His promises) in the first place?

In my experience, I have learned to view them as Him simply sharing His heart’s desires for me in each passing life lesson or struggle, and making those desires known to MY understanding.

And because His and my desires matched up so perfectly, I in years of immaturity would make them mine and forget the originator of them in the waiting. 99% of the time causing a mess like Abraham and creating an Ishmael with a Hagar.

However in this critical moment of revelation in My Jess’s journey and in her obedience to it…

My heart suddenly changed.

The very last words I said to her before I filed for divorce two days later. “You Jessica are heartless and that will never change!”

I set my mind, heart, and opinion to those final words as the fact of the matter and drove away for what was to be forever into the far country.

Super long story many of you know already made short.

Overnight in a V͏i͏sion given to me. He showed me a heart. It was hers,
My Jess… and it was beautiful and in my spirit, I heard. “It is safe to go home” the one thing I vowed to NEVER love again is the one and only thing, only the Father could convince me of that it was Good. He knew my vow and exactly what it would take to break it.

He revealed to me the heart He had restored from years of childhood pain and pre-divorce lies and He made it brand new in My Jess.

In that very instant miles away my hate turned back to love, my heart turned back to my family and more importantly fully back to the Father.

That day the Father did a Full Circle Restoration Of Promises Shown to both of us! Not simply for one and against the other at some standers wishing well of prayers.

No He is a Big Picture, Full Circle, Prayer Answering Father and it is for us to line up with His heart, not for Him to line up with ours.

That’s the Heart position He seeks in every circumstance and Promise Shown. It’s not just standing for what we want, but trusting fully in this principle that yes… He wants it for us (whatever that looks like) MORE than we do. Then us proving it by releasing it back to Him FULLY.

Restoration of marriage guys is simply a benefit of fully embracing (the covenant you have with the Father).

I challenge you to Test your focus and see what it really is that you are staring at.

Is it the Promises “given” or the Giver of the Promises?

It as in everything with the Father from salvation forward is a heart position He alone tests and sees.

The worlds logic says “keep your eyes on the prize” (the “things” you want)

Ok well…

Heavens Revelation says “(I AM) the prize!”

FYI No one person on earth has ever cheated and won on this test.

It’s time we all start submitting our human world logic to His revelations and stop submitting His Revelations to our Human world logic.

It’s not getting everything we want and sprinkling in a little bit of I AM on it.

It getting I AM and Him blessing us for it with everything we need that lines up with the desire of His Heart.

My Jess and I are living the proof that the second one is way more rewarding and far greater than the first.

My Jess and I would encourage you all today to do a Word study on the words (promise and promises) in the Bible as you go into the hard holiday season that my Jess Understands so well and what you and your heart are facing over the next few weeks. We believe if you do so that it will bring healing and even a renewed strength and sense of joy and happiness you may fill void of right this moment in so many ways as you patiently wait on the Lord in this season to fulfill His everlasting goodnesses in your life!

Numbers 23:19
God is not human, that he should lie,
not a human being, that he should change his mind.
Does he speak and then not act?
Does he promise and not fulfill?

We love you all!
Dustin and Jess

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