Father, lead us through Your Holy Spirit and show us how to pray for ourselves and our spouses.

Help us in this season not grow weary or impatient while waiting. Help us give time and respect to our spouses and God in this season of direction and healing.

Help us not grow complacent in our spiritual warfare. Teach us how to move mountains with our faith and have the boldness in prayer to slay the giants that are holding our spouses hostage.

May we be led by the Spirit in peace and endure this trial of long-suffering with a good attitude. Not succumb to anger, bitterness or resentments. May we bless and not curse with our tongues.

Keep us ever mindful that their eternal salvation is first, their identity in You is most important.

May this season reach and touch their hardened heart and make them turn back to You, make them aware fully of being lost and in the dark. May Who You are attract them and may their hearts yet for You and the love and acceptance You have for them.

Father, heal the unforgiveness and soften them. Remove the pride and stubborn rebellion from them.

We cry out for justice and recompense, we ask for repayment of what the enemy has stolen from us.

Father, heal our hearts, families and marriages.

In Jesus name. Amen