Destined To Stand

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This is Sheila Hollinger’s personal story about her 7-year stand that led to so much more than a restored marriage!

Destined To Stand is the testimony of a woman, who after suddenly finding herself no longer in control of her marriage and life, found herself at the mercy of her stormy circumstance, turned to the only One that could possibly help her. God! She pursued Him with desperation to save her marriage, and not only did He do that, but He also saved her life!

She learned this storm was not meant to come and destroy what was good, but all that was wrong. During her seven-year storm, God taught her truth through the Word of God, showing her how to live in accordance with His will and plan for her and her marriage. He came in and rearranged all that was out of order, and rebuilt her from the foundation up. God helped her stand firm and solid with unwavering belief for the restoration of her marriage.

While pursuing God for marriage restoration, she discovered far more than she ever thought possible. She discovered her identity and how much God loved her, her husband, and their marriage. Through her storm, Sheila fell deeply in love with God, and to that, she will say “My storm was the best thing that ever happened to me!”

Let her share the wisdom and knowledge that the Holy Spirit brought to her as she was Destined to Stand!

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Reviews (1)

1 review for Destined To Stand

  1. Sheila Hollinger

    Sheila, your book was the first standers book I ever read. I have read it over and over and marked it up. You are right when you said it was not what I wanted to hear, but it was exactly what I needed to hear. Each time I read it, I gain more and more understanding because as I grow and mature, more of what you share makes sense to my mature ears. Thank you, keep writing. The world needs it. Debbie

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