The Volatile Heart Ebook

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Our most popular, and needed Ebook by Standers. You can’t stand FIRM if you don’t have an understanding of the hard heart. IF you are facing a separation or divorce,  Jesus said that it was the hardness of heart that causes this. (Matthew 19:8) Hard hearts also help the lost person engage in adultery and abandon their family.  To be able to endure this TEMPORARY season, we must have wisdom and understanding of what this looks like, why it’s happening, and what it’s going to take for that heart to soften.

  • Hardness of Heart
  • Adulterous heart
  • Midlife Spiritual Crisis
  • The behavior of A hard heart

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Reviews (1)

1 review for The Volatile Heart Ebook

  1. Sheila Hollinger

    Every Stander needs to read this over and over. If we can’t grasp the hard heart, we will struggle with understanding all the other areas we need to understand. Thank you for breaking this down.

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