Creating this 31-day devotion for you, was truly a beautiful experience.

Each and every time I sat to write, I was reminded of my standing journey and how I was transformed from a very lost, broken woman who never saw the second option in life to take the higher road. I only knew one way of doing things. I didn’t want to make better choices or power through. Now I am a woman who LOOKS for that second option, the road that takes you higher and helps you power through the obstacles and as you do, brings transformation in your soul that makes you more Christlike.

With each devotion I wrote for you, I could see the crossroads and choices we could make. I was transferred into a place where I went higher. I had to come up from what I was thinking, feeling, believing, and challenge myself to put on a kingdom mindset and belief, and this is where I hope this daily devotion will challenge you to go as you power through pain. HIGHER!

Higher in your understanding and in the way you challenge yourself to think, grow and posture yourself.

Standing is challenging, we can power through the pain with the love and strength that wisdom and knowledge give us. In God’s kingdom, we ARE powerful through Him.

Standing with you,
Sheila Hollinger