The SOUND of God? What does He sound like?

Does God have a sound? Have you learned to recognize the sounds He makes when He approaches? Or when He lets you know He is near? This is something, that each of us, individually will come to know. We learn through personal experience as we grow, develop, and mature. And that sound will change as WE change. It may become more gentle, loving, and compassionate. It may become less like the voice of your parent, and more like what you hoped to have heard. A voice that made you feel wanted, accepted without conditions. A voice that said, “You can’t make a mistake so great that will push Me away.” He may sound like a Teacher at times or a disciplinary!


The sounds of God will stir our hearts, emote through our spirits, touch us in ways only He can. How He chooses to speak to us, really depends on the person we are individually. He personalizes it for us according to what we respond to and understand best. 

He may use music, people, books, nature, animals to speak to you. Nothing is out of His reach or off-limits. Movies, TV, cracks in the sidewalk! If it’s there, He can use it to express what He wishes to express to you. 

Then there are the internal ways, through dreams, your conscious, visions, thoughts that just come out of nowhere and make sense. He speaks through hope, faith, peace, wisdom. It feels a certain way, evokes peace, direction. Sometimes conviction, godly sorrow, or fear of the Lord. 

Just as the Lord can speak, so can the enemy. He comes with confusion, pride, arrogance. He comes to steal, kill and destroy, BUT also deception, so he may not come right away with those things. He will use truth sometimes to hook you before his real motives come forward. He comes through with condemnation, guilt, shame. 

God’s voice, His sound is always there to draw you closer to Himself, make you feel welcome and loved. The enemy’s sound comes to push you away from God, make you feel unwanted, unloved, rejected, hated. Makes you pull away from God and seek other ways to feel loved and accepted. Rebelling and becoming angry at God for being so hard to meet His standards. 



But reject those myths fit only for the godless and gullible, and train yourself for godliness. 1 Tim 4:7

The inexperienced inherit foolishness,but the sensible are crowned with knowledge. Prov 14:18

Standing with you,
Sheila Hollinger


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