The Character of Jezebel And Ahab

“Jezebel spirit” a strong character of Satan.

The Jezebel looks for her Ahab in someone so she can gain access to control and overtake her victim.

Ahab spirit is also a character of Satan.

Ahab’s compromise. They know it’s wrong but something in them makes them excuse it. Justify. It could be their lust for money, sex, greed overpowers their moral sense. Ahabs are true enablers.

I have seen parents with a Jezebel child that completely rules them. The Ahab formed in the parent because of guilt. Jezebel controls the home through the child, and subdues the parent through the Ahab spirit because the parent feels guilty, is afraid of confronting the child and facing their wrath. All the work of the enemy.

Ahabs are completely powerless under the control and isolation of Jezebel BECAUSE of the open door they give her. In order for her to lose control of the Ahabs, the Ahabs must repent and turn away from the sin that gives permission to remain. Once Ahab is gone, the Jezebel can’t control anymore.

A man that is after lusts of the flesh must repent of those sins. Money, addiction, sensual pleasure. Anything that put flesh pleasing above the will of God must be repented of.

A parent that compromises and allows their child to do what they want because they are to tired to argue and face the drama must stop compromising.

A woman who seeks attention by men through how she dresses or acts is compromising her morals and allowing Ahab to invite a Jezebel to turn her into a seductress.

Jezebel keeps the victim away from the rest of the family. Isolating them from their kids, friends, family, anyone that will convict them of truth. It keeps chaos, too busy, distractions are active. It surrounds the victim with guilt and shame to create a stronghold that convinces the victim there is no hope of being forgiven. It causes a lot of self-loathing and pain.

How do we pray for those who have succumbed to Ahab and are snared with a Jezebel?

When we come to KNOW our identity, we won’t be able to tolerate Jezebel. This is key to removing her from your life. They must repent of where they are compromising. They must see it, hate it, turn from it. Whatever their vise is, idol is….pray God opens their eyes to want to be free. The key to being free is the fact they TOLERATE Jezebel, which means they compromise. They need a strong desire to please the Lord so they will no longer tolerate or allow sin in their hearts.