Did your test turn into a testimony?

Has God given you a testimony that will encourage your brothers and sisters in Christ? You may not realize it, but your pain and struggle had a purpose, and through sharing your journey with others, you could bring so much hope, support, and encouragement.

We would love to publish your submission in one or more of our resources for Standers! And you are welcome to share in our Zoom Community Guest Speaker Night!


TO SUBMIT: Share the message God places on your heart. If you have a RESTORED Marriage, it could be our next FEATURED RESTORATION TESTIMONY in our REVEALED magazine and you will get a FREE paperback issue mailed to you.

Submissions size-1500-2000 words.

We can also do testimonies shared anonymously.

Many feel that they have not really walked in a restoration that would encourage or help others. They feel their story would actually bring the opposite effect, so they want to wait until they have something worthy to write about. The truth is, being real and honest about restoration is often not done and because of that, many enter it blind and wishing someone had been real in sharing so they were better prepared. So, lay down any worry you may have that your restoration story is not the perfect story that you have been reading about. We are looking for REAL, not perfect!

If you want to share, but have any cares or concerns, please reach out and talk with me. I would be happy to come up with the right solution to meet your needs. If it’s time to share your story, we will make it work.

Please Email: admin@marriagerevealedministries.com


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