We understand how important it is to be connected to others who understand you. While the Standing community has a lot of resources where you can gain a lot of understanding and knowledge to help you grow, it’s important to also use the resource where you connect with others on a more intimate personal level. Watching a video, or reading a devotion can only give you so much.

That is why we have started to use the online ZOOM Video Communication Platform. 

Don’t worry, you don’t actually have to turn on your camera and be seen, so you can join us in your jammies and not have to fix your hair!

But you can STILL feel a connection, love, and support with other sisters and brothers who are weathering the same storm as you. 

It’s FREE, and a safe place, where you can join using the name of your choice. You can just listen and participate when you want. No pressure. 

We pray, talk, answer questions, and most importantly, let the Holy Spirit minister to us and deliver messages we need to hear. I am also going to be bringing in Guest Speakers!

The schedule is TENTATIVE!

ZOOMS have been 9:15-9:30 AM Eastern Standard Time. 3 or more times during the weekday.
MONDAY Morning is pretty SET as a day I always do a ZOOM.

They occasionally are also done randomly at night and during the weekends.

I wish I had a schedule that was more set, but I am not there yet. Because of health and other factors, I Zoom when I am capable of ministering. I send emails out 1 hour before the meetings start. You can also check the Zoom room link every weekday morning at the scheduled time.

RECORDING: I only record MY voice when I am sharing a message. NO video at all. When I share the recordings, I first check and make sure nothing at all was shared in the video that would show participants. The only thing in the videos is my voice. You can check them out on YouTube if you have concerns.

If you would like to be a part of our Zoom Meetings, then send an email with “ZOOM ROOM REQUEST.” to:  marriagerevealedministries@gmail.com
You will be added to our Email Notification list.

I send emails out 1 hour before the meetings start.

Hope you can join us.