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Sheila Hollinger

Sheila Hollinger


Ebooks are a Thank You gift for ANY donation amount. Thank you for sowing into our Ministries purpose and mission!

Volatile ebook cover

The Volatile Heart

Our most popular and needed ebook for Standers. Every Stander needs to understand the hard heart, adulterous spirit, spiritual crisis, and the reasons behind it. 

your standing questions answered

Your Standing Questions Answered Digest ONE

Here I tackle some of the most often asked questions by Standers. 

Yours with ANY Donation Amount.

Destined to Stand ebook cover

Destined To Stand

This is Sheila Hollinger’s personal story about her 7-year stand that led to so much more than a restored marriage!  

Powering through pain ebook cover

Powering Through Pain 31 Day Devotional

This Standers 31 Day Devotional was created to help you power through the daily struggles that come with standing for your marriage. 


REVEALED Standing for Marriage Restoration Magazine! 

The 1st Marriage Restoration Magazine of its kind to bring HOPE and encouragement to those standing for their spouse and marriage! Made BY Standers and Restored Couples FOR Standers! 


COVER No. 04

Issue No. O4 AUG/SEPT 2022






No. 04 Issue is about the heart roots as well as how we plant with our words.

  • “I Stand for My Marriage” A guest writer shares his stand and how pornography affected his marriage.
  • New Guest Writers –Roots and Words Issue brings us some new guest writers who share some beautiful and touching stories of healing and hope in the Lord!
  • Restored Marriage Testimonies-Articles from restored Standers who share what they learned and offer tips and encouragement.
  • Spotlight Marriage Restoration Testimony! 
  • “Words Made Me A Prodigal”~ Don Griffin shares how words from the enemy bound him up and turned his heart hard.
  • Heather, Bren, and Auggie are back with some powerful new insight into the POWER OF OUR WORDS and how we plant them!
  • Bible Studies-Lynda shares part 3, of her lesson learned through the storm
  • Preprinted prayers


No. 03 June/July

Issue No. O3 JUNE/JULY 2022

Living Waters Issue


  • The Long Walk to the Well-Sheila shares a message about the woman at the well and how it was the RIGHT time and why she was ready for a drink of LIVING WATER!
  • New Guest Writers-This issue introduces some new writers who share some beautiful, inspiring messages.
  • Insight into the Lost-The Hungry Soul vs the Full Soul, what creates a vulnerability that opens the door to the strange woman spirit?
  • Restored Marriage Testimonies-Articles from restored Standers who share what they learned, and offer tips and encouragement.
  • Spotlight Marriage Restoration-From Stander to Giving Up, To RESTORED-Heather Griffin and her standing journey take the spotlight in this issue.
  • Ask Sheila-You asked, I answered!
  • Health-Bethany teaches on the importance of keeping your brain well hydrated, and why water is so important for mental clarity..
  • Parenting Section-Matthew shares his struggles as a standing parent and we get to enjoy photos of his farm.
  • Bible Studies
  • Preprinted prayers
  • SO MUCH MORE!!!  

REVEALED No. 02 April/May 2022

april cover

Issue No. O2 April/May 2022

  • Once a Cheater Always a Cheater?-Insight from someone who has walked through the guilt, shame, condemnation of an affair that kept him from believing he could be reconciled and forgiven.
  • My Spouse Filed for Divorce-Now What? Melissa shares wisdom on how to navigate through the process of divorce.
  • The Waiting-Tony brings a powerful message about the death and resurrection of Jesus and how Standers can relate to that time of waiting!
  • “When You Have Turned Back” Sheila shares an article about being sifted as wheat, and a very powerful Bible study about transformation from dark to light.
  • Restored Marriage Testimonies-Articles from restored Standers who share what they learned, and offer tips and encouragement, and our course our spotlight marriage restoration testimony!
  • Ask Sheila-You asked, I answered!
  • Health-Bethany helps us understand the difference between compassion and empathy in the brain.
  • Parenting Section
  • Bible Studies
  • Preprinted prayers
  • SO MUCH MORE!!! 

REVEALED  No.01 Feb/March 2022

Revealed magazine cover

Issue No. O1 Feb/March 2022

  • SPOTLIGHT MARRIAGE TESTIMONY-Ed and Kim’s Marriage Restoration, AFTER divorce!
  • Parenting while Standing-Jessica Perrin Shares how her kids helped her through her storm into restoration!
  • Understanding the lost spouse-What is Your Spouse Really Looking for?
  • Encouragement from restored couples-Pastor Dustin Perrin Shares
  • Managing finances!
  • Insight and perspective from former lost spouses-Hear from Don Griffin in “You Can Come Home” And Lisa Steele in “Wandering” as they share their journey while out in the wilderness.
  • How to stay healthy during this season!