It’s very sad that the enemy recognizes our spouse’s identity and understands their purpose in the Kingdom of God more then we do.

 The enemy knows if your spouse becomes free from their snare, they will wreak havoc on their kingdom. They will prevent the demons from serving their purpose- which is to win souls to satan, keep God’s children lukewarm, blind and in darkness, and bound up in the ways of the world.

We either don’t know this or fail to remember that satan is out to do the very thing God is doing. We are in war saints! And, sadly, the body of Christ doesn’t seem to be winning!!

As I was reading one of our Standers updates today, God started to speak to me about this soldier for Christ, who has been given a very hard assignment to counter-attack the powerful assassination assignment the enemy of God has placed upon his wife. To fight for her and do what she has not been able to do, stand-alone against this assignment.  He has had to deny his flesh of wanting to be happy and without pain. To suffer, by choice for her freedom!

Is that not what a real soldier does? Has a love for something and is willing to die for it?

MANY OF GOD’S children have these assignments against them. I don’t know how it works, but the enemy knows who God’s Children are before they even do. They know who will be a great opponent, and they will begin the “steal, kill, destroy” assignments against them right away. They will recognize the gifts (Ephesians 4:11:12) they are born with and covet to have them used for