A Testimony….we got married in 1997..my first husband had been killed in a car accident, and in the process of time God sent this wonderful Christian man to me, we spent most of our married years struggling financially. Jobs came and jobs went..eventually my husband sought work out of the land we reside in..and got one….due to the stresses of financial lack, and working away from home, he wandered away from me..emotionally..(I never did with regards to him) and he came to the place where he sought a divorce and got one.

In the meantime, I sought the Lord who told me to Stand…I had stood for my first marriage, however, that husband had been killed in a car crash…so I knew how to Stand. In 2013, my husband set about getting his divorce, and I in another country set about praying, God was on the side of the marriage covenant. During 2013, I fasted and prayed, and God was just beyond amazing, as we laid the groundwork in the spirit for the healed marriage. HE gave me many dreams and visions, giving me insight into what needed to be prayed about. At the end of 2013, husband called me to say he wanted to work on the marriage, but was really at the end of the road emotionally, so did not put his heart into it.

In the next year, 2014, he got his divorce, God and I continued with our Stand, again dreams and visions and much encouragement from God. My husband and I had no communication at all in these years, and I just hit the prayer closet every single day praying up a storm. In the meantime, husband found himself an OW, and thought he would get on with a new life,..the divorce decree was sent to me in the June of 2014. (However, in April 2013, God had said, divorce decree annulled!!) so, I continued on, praying and fasting and truly being fully persuaded that God was honoring the covenant ..in the meantime the OW lasted a very short while and that relationship crumbled.

At that point end of 2014, my husband was thinking of coming home!! Unbeknownst to me!! January 2015 arrived, and I had to contact him about something,…the phone call did not go well.I lost my temper!! I continued on through 2015, with encouragement from God, entered 2016, continued on in prayer..and in this time, God also told me not to block my husband from Facebook. (He had blocked me)..Finally, on the 20 September 2016, I opened up my Facebook inbox..and there was a message from him!! Now prior to that, a few days before, the Lord had said..”stop praying..it is over”…..I can tell you, I had prayed for hours every single day since 2013, into the nights, through the nights.

When he contacted me, he very simply apologized and said, he felt we should get back together….I fully agreed with him LOL…and flew out to the country he lived in to pack him up and bring him home. Him and his dog. And truly it has been as though we were never apart…he did say he regretted divorcing me..but as said, he was at a very tired state in his life when he did….and I delayed the restoration by losing my temper on the phone in January 2015, he would have been back then, as he had already been applying for work in our home country…He truly is an amazing man of God…the years apart were not wasted we both grew in the Lord, and dealt with our own heart issues, becoming more mature in the Lord. It was a divorce that should never have happened, and my husband said he regretted it. God is so faithful and was with me every step of the way, so very very faithful.

~~A Faithful Stander!


(((Her husband was a believer but backslid and turned his heart away from God. Since restoration, he has repented and is seeking God! Praise the Lord a lost sheep was found and a marriage saved! )))